What's It Like to Be In a Fire?

Lt. Robert Crandall "Firefighters train every day for this experience. And itís still scary and confusing."
- Lt. Robert Crandall, 30-year veteran, Rochester Fire Department


Captain Maria Figueroa "Could you and your family get out if thereís a fire?"
- Captain Maria Figueroa, 24-year veteran, Miami Fire Department


Chief Floyd Madison "Thereís only one way to be sure. Practice your home fire drill. Practice, practice, practice."
- Chief Floyd Madison, retired New York State Fire Administrator


"You can't see anything in front of you."

"You canít breathe."

"Itís hot. Itís dark. Itís hostile."

"You donít know what to expect."

"You have to go by feel."

"A 15-foot hallway seems 50 miles long."

"You can easily become unraveled."

"Itís not a place where humans are ever expected to go."

How fast is fire?